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Practical guide. Trataka. Meditation and eye cleaning. E. Androsova

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Trataka is the cleaning technique for eyes and meditation for beginners. Ekaterina Androsova In this video we learn to make this technique. We make several approaches with the open and the closed eyes. It is no secret that the majority of the modern people often experience devastation, lack of energy, depression, dissatisfaction. As a result the state of the physical body becomes worse, including the organs of vision. Simple and effective yoga practice will help balance your inner state, come to inner harmony and balance, and to restore and maintain vision throughout life. Let's talk about "Trataka", the meditation for beginners and at the same time the cleaning technique for eyes. Trataka is an attempt to take control of your attention and reduce the level of uncontrolled mental noise (one of the "side” effects of Trataka is vision improvement.) A typical problem of the modern citizen is eye fatigue. It is caused by the long-term work on the computer, poor air quality, insufficient water drinking, stress, stressful driving, and also the wrong lighting at the workplace. In order to get rid of eye fatigue and prevent deterioration of vision in the future, it is useful to do Trataka yoga practice. This is the special meditation for eyes in which it is necessary to concentrate your eyes on the brightest part of the flame. This practice is enough to do once a day before bedtime in the evening. Trataka works with Ajna chakra, "the Third eye", so it does not only prevent from eye disease, but increases intuition (to look people through and the dynamics of the situation development), it also promotes optimal decision-making and improves the quality of dreaming. In this video we learn to make this technique. We make several approaches with the open and the closed eyes. Translation and recording by Olga Kalitaeva You can find more information about yoga on

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