About Personita project

My brother and I were dreaming about making our own internet project, which will allow us to earn money without any dependency on where we live and at the same time will allow us to do things, which we really love to do. Whenever we were discussing our ideas with friends and relatives, it was clear to us – that they were very excited about the idea, as each one of them was dreaming about this kind of life – to earn money without fixed office schedule, to live in any place in the world and to travel. We spent a lot of time thinking of what can we do in order to give ourselves and other people opportunity to earn money online relatively easy. This is how the idea of the Personita web site was born, where each user can start earning money with just a few simple steps either by selling their own video materials or by promoting videos of other users in the internet.

The main concept of the web site was evolving and growing since the time we have started to work on it. Today Personita is a video portal, where everybody can find something new & interesting for himself or herself. It is a service, which allows users to publish their videos (both free & paid), find new audience, find new connections, keep in touch with friends, enjoy video playback and earn money.

Personita offers unique benefits for the authors of video content:
  • Opportunity to sell your videos
  • If you’re a trainer or a coach, you don’t have to create your own web site in order to start selling your video trainings, you can simply upload them to Personita and start selling
  • If you already have your own website, where you sell your video materials, than you can find new target audienceat Personita and increase sales
  • Personita providesstatisticsof sales, number of watched times, and rankings of your materials
  • Users of Personita are motivated to promote your videos in other social media, as they will receive referral commission. This will likely result in sales growth of your video materials
  • If you’re beginning your career as an author, who produce movies, animations and other content, it will be a good idea to start selling your materials at Personita
  • Fast feedback from your audience – besides common commenting functionality, Personita offers functionality of the social network such as: messaging between users, adding to friend lists, subscriptions, online chat

Personita offers unique benefits for all users:
  • Opportunity to earn money via promoting other videos: you can earn money each time you use “share” button:
    • If new user signed up from your link, and purchased any video at Personita, you will receive 5% commission from each purchase of this user within 24h since registration
    • If existing Personita user will purchase the video, which you were referring, than you will receive 5% from this sale
    • If new user signed up from your link, and later started to sell his/her own videos at Personita, than you will receive 5% of all sales of this user within the year since the registration
  • You can watch unlimited free videos carefullypicked by our team. At the same time you can purchase and watch any paid video content such as:
    • Training Materials and Webinar recordings
    • Mini movies & animations
    • Musical video clips
    • Documentary movies
  • Personita offers functionality of social network – you can find new friends, meet authors of your favorite videos, keep in touch and be the part of the growing united community.

We are constantly implementing new features of the website, and we will appreciate your comments, feedback and ideas. The biggest achievement for us is the positive emotions of our users from usage of the functionality of our web site.

Maxim and Alexey